League of Legends script - About our Project

Our league of legends script is carefully designed with unique coding mechanisms and engineering in order to provide you the best of quality and satisfaction.
Our champion logics are designed and based in cooperation with high elo players so you can really dominate your lanes and game.


Detection rate: 7-15 days


League of Legends oriented features.

Premium Orbwalker
Hotkeys for Combo, Mixed, Lane Clear, Last Hit, Flee, Spellfarm

Stick to target, Jungle Plants, Hold Radius, No Minimap Movement

Dont Autoattack in Combo option
Fully configurable Spells

Dodges Lines, Circles, Rings, Cones

Dash, Blink, Flash Support
Champion Hud with Exp and Cooldown

Side Hud with Health, Mana, Ult, Summoners and Last Seen

Trackers: MIA, Wards, Traps, Baron, Jungle Timers

Radar, Gank Alert, Turret Range, Clones, Recalls
Summoners: Smite, Barrier, Heal, Ignite, Exhaust, Cleanse

Items: Qss, Zhonyas, Archangel, Locket, Mikaels, Potions, Tiamat, Redemption, Botrk, All Hextechs

Auto Ward, Auto Lantern
Auto Jungle
Smart Jungling for maximum CS/min

Auto Recall, Auto Buy
Auto Level
Fully customizeable leveling order
We do our best to add any available exploits as soon as possible
Over 80 Champions
Constantly expanding list

Fully customizable
Summoner Name Spoofer
Replaces your Summoner Name with your Champion Name for easy Streaming, Screenshots, Videos
Warding Aim Assist
Predicts your Ward placement position

Never fail warding over a wall again
Lets you zoom out that tiny bit more everyone needs

Perfect ADC gameplay.


Our response time in the updates is top notch (less than 24 hours) so we wont leave you waiting.


最新版本 (Updated for)

✓ 10.15.328.8759 (中文)
✓ 10.15.329.4116 (GARENA)
✓ 10.16.330.9186 (RIOT)
✓ 10.15.330.344 (RIOT)

Is this project made by the aimsharp developing team?

No. This is a colaboration with a quality developing scripting team in order to provide you the very best!

Will i get banned using this?

Yes you will get banned but you will have at least 1 week to enjoy it as much as you can! We know it sucks but at the moment this is the longest detection rate we can provide among others.

Do you offer support?

Yes we will offer you support in case you have technical difficulties.

Will I get compensation days in case you take long time to update?

Our response time in the updates is top notch (less than 24 hours) so we wont leave you waiting.

Pricing Plans
Daily Plan
Per Day
Trial – 1 Day
5€ per Day
Core features included
Extra features included
Monthy Plan
Out of stock
Per Month
Vip – 30 Days
50€ per Month
Core features included
Extra features included
Weekly Plan
Per Week
Normal – 7 Days
20€ per Week
Core features included
Extra features included

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