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Sellix buyer

I’ve bought A# and less than an hour later I’m already in M+ with excellent help from their support! I’ve been using other services before but this is a lot lot better, can recommend to anyone who is lo

Sellix buyer

I’ve been using Aimsharp + Epic for more than a year now (Since DF S1). The Rotations are great and up to date with the current Patch, the Support is perfect and always there when i had an Issue and even more. Now supporting even Healers. Reccommend 10/10

Sellix buyer

Discovered this amazing piece of software after troubles with other stuff that's not even in the same category, as far as performance, ease of use, or support. Kudos to the entire team for what they do. 10/10 recommend.

Sellix buyer

I recently purchased and I’m thrilled with the seamless setup process. The user-friendly interface made it a breeze to get started. Thank you for providing a top-notch product and excellent customer service!

Sellix buyer

Been a customer for a couple years now, and never had more fun with the game. Makes it so easy to try any character and immediately compete with the best. The value can’t be beat.

Sellix buyer

I started using Aimsharp to compensate for the paralysis of my left hand following an accident. In almost two years, I have never been disappointed by the responsiveness of development around this bot. I use it in mythical raids and in MM+ (23-26 DF S3)

Why our platform?

What makes Aimsharp+ unique and why it’s worth joining.

Peak Performance
Our dedication to refinement and user feedback over the years has perfected our bot, designed to catapult you to the top ranks in every scenario. At AimSharp, excellence is not just a goal—it's a standard, ensuring your gaming experience is unmatched.
Diverse Class Options
At AimSharp, our developers are committed to excellence, ensuring you receive optimal rotations for every class. We guarantee a superior gaming experience with unmatched quality across the board.
Our advanced coding engineering and our deep understanding of the game's anti cheat dynamics makes our bot strong and undetected.

The videos and logs presenting our software in action were recorded by our customers

Aimsharp Core Prices

All classes included in one price

Core Classes
For more class rotations you can check out our trusted developers here
  • Frost mage
  • Demonology- Warlock
  • Fire-Mage
  • Protection- Paladin
  • Devastion-Evoker
  • Survival-Hunter
  • Protection-Warrior
  • Shadow-Priest
  • Outlaw-Rogue
  • Havoc-Demonhunter
  • Ret-Paladin
  • Frost-Darknight
  • Windwalker-Monk
  • Brewmaster-Monk
  • Vengeance-Demonhunter
  • Arcane-Mage
  • Fury-Warrior
  • Elemental-Shaman
  • Arcane-Mage
  • Feral-Druid
  • Enhancement-Shaman
  • Unholy-Deathknight
  • Beast-Hunter
  • Balance-Druid
  • Marksman-Hunter
  • Assassination-Rogue
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